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Tristan’s Thief

It was a pleasure recently to read a new post by Tristan, a “follower” of this blog (using the term “follow” in the loosest of terms), in his blog Kirby Dots. It features an intelligent appraisel of Mann’s film Thief, that brings an interest in the roots of film noir, it’s french origins and influence […]

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Another Portland Screening Review

For those interested, I discovered another Portland screening review of Public Enemies. For a very pleasant change, this one is extremely positive, if lightweight in content. Source: Joblo I went to see the screening of Public Enemies, on Wednesday night. The new film by Micheal Mann starring Johnny Depp and Christian Bale. The movie is […]

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Public Enemies – another early review

Discovered a review from an early screening of Public Enemies. You can’t take these reviews too seriously, and this is highlighted by the guy who featured the review on his site. He say’s of the review: Of course – he is also saying that when the film he saw didn’t have a real score in […]

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