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Harry Gregson Williams

Michael Mann’s Blackhat musical score

Michael Mann’s Blackhat will be largely scored by renowned cinema composer Harry Gregson-Willams, famous for creating memorable music for “Man on Fire,” “The Replacement Killers,” “The Taking of Pelham One Two Three,” “Unstoppable,” and “Déjà Vu”. He has also done family classics such as “Antz,” “Shrek,” “The Tigger Movie,” “Arthur Christmas,” the “Narnia” movies, “Spy […]

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Lisa Gerrard

Lisa Gerrard interview with Michael Mann mention

Here is a recent interview with Lisa Gerrard, the powerful voice behind some of Michael Mann’s best known scores. Click here for full interview. After Dead Can Dance, what was it that drove you into composing for the moving image?  Brendan and I were working on an album, which followed “Spirit Chaser” and I had […]

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Injection: Hans Zimmer

This should be in a Michael Mann movie… but… it isn’t. It is the extraordinarily beautiful “Injection” by Hans Zimmer. The music deserves a better title. But inject yourself now in this spine tingling music and let it rip open your soul, pour in and inspire you to explode with something creative today. This music […]

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Michael Mann Keep Interview

Here is good interview regarding the process behind Michael Mann directing The Keep. Who would have known that the Romanian village was filmed in Wales! I was also surprised when at the end of the interview he answered these questions in the following way: What other films or filmmakers have impressed you or influenced you? […]

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Moby and Mann again

Following up on a recent post, here is another interviewer asking Moby about his music in Heat:Click here for the full article (no more mention of Mann though). RS: Very cool. Do you enjoy hearing your music in films?Moby: Yes, I do. I like hearing my music in films because when they’re mixing it to […]

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Michael Mann and Moby

The words Michael Mann and Moby almost have the same rythmic connection as their work. I first became aware of Moby’s music through the soundtrack of Heat. It doesn’t say a lot for my musical awareness, but it transformed my appreciation of his genre of sound. I have the same glowing feeling when hearing a […]

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