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A younger Michael Mann talks about his early work

My fellow Michael Mann enthusiast, Fabio Pirovano, posted in 2013 this behind the scenes look at the making of the Keep (well done, Fabio!). but Mann also talks about his other works to that date. It offers fascinating insight into Mann’s directing style with his actors – something that these days he just would not put […]

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The Keep now available at NetFlix

The Keep still isn’t available on DVD but the good news is that as of early this December I discovered you can now get it on NetFlix, the streaming service for niche movies. Read the write up, which concludes with: Fans of Michael Mann, Ian McKellan or 1980’s genre movies need to see The Keep. […]

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The Keep’s Biggest Fan

Everyone has their favourite Michael Mann movie, each for a particular reason uniquely known to each one of us. The Keep is one of those movies that steps outside Mann’s usual genre and has attracted criticism, but also praise. As the saying goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I doubt there is […]

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Michael Mann Keep Interview

Here is good interview regarding the process behind Michael Mann directing The Keep. Who would have known that the Romanian village was filmed in Wales! I was also surprised when at the end of the interview he answered these questions in the following way: What other films or filmmakers have impressed you or influenced you? […]

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