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New Aesthetic Form in Michael Mann’s Public Enemies

Thanks to Goga, who left me this link (on my Michael Mann social network site) to an interesting article on Public Enemies, an excerpt from which is below: In making “Public Enemies,” Mann opted for digital high definition video for the very reason I once thought it could never achieve the aesthetic appeal of film […]

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Michael Mann Public Enemies Interview

Here is an excellent interview with Michael Mann on his film Public Enemies, the link courtesy of “Hosea”. Very insightful again, into Mann’s vision for the movie. ┬áThe following was of interest to me in particular (get full article here): Michael Mann: So, with Homer, outside the bank, and he sees that police car drive […]

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Michael Mann Public Enemies Extras shots

Just found some more behind the scenes sneak shots of Michael Mann’s Public Enemies. The link below takes you to a shot of Michael Mann on the shoot, but there are some other interesting shots of crew and their equipment, all amongst the throng of in costume extras shots. There are one or two of […]

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Michael Mann and the Cinematic Close Up

A recent post over at explains well why Mann films are something to savour, and never rush. The author examines Mann’s use of extreme close ups of the characters he creates in his films. It is purist film making, making the actor create the moment intimately with the camera, there to bring us into […]

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