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Miami Vice Movies in 4 Frames

Every Mann movie has its poetic sequences, and one of my all time favourite’s is a beautifully captured 4 frame sequence from Movies in Frames, featuring Crockett saying goodbye to Isabella. The cinematography is profoundly good, capturing the wind whisping across Crockett’s hair with palm trees swaying in perfect harmony as if in empathy to […]

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Miami Vice Interview

For the sake of archive, here is a small Michael Mann interview about Miami Vice. F0r those interested in Mann’s movie making approaches, I thought it was interesting that he doesn’t story board… “Doing a hardcore Miami Vice meant doing it right, so the actors had to go practically undercover before they started filming. “Everybody […]

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Mann loves his Shower Scenes

I couldn’t help but laugh when I read this particular blog, noticing that Michael Mann seems to have a thing for “shower scenes”. This blogger picks up on a nuance of understanding in Mann’s movies that until now, eluded me. I now feel enlightened. His post is called April Showers: Miami Vice. In between Michael […]

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