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Coyotes really do cross roads in LA

We all know and love the iconic moment in Collateral when a coyote crosses the road in the empty night streets of LA. Like many, I was taken aback that this actually happens. I am not sure why I am surprised when we have so many foxes in the UK taking residence in our cities […]

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Sight and Sound on Mann and Collateral

Sight & Sound Article Mark Olsen talks to Mann about his love of LA, shooting on DV and getting what he wants. Mark Olsen: In Collateral you seem to be exploring the aesthetics of DV. Was that one of the things that attracted you? Michael Mann: It’s useful here to make an analogy with architecture. […]

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It’s old news, but as part of my collection of all things Michael Mann, here is a brief media interview on Collateral. Director Michael Mann Interview | Movies & TV |

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