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The Study of Mann Interview

Michael Mann has returned to the interview table for the Directors Guild of America with F.X Feeney, who originally interviewed Mann for his wonderful published book “Michael Mann” published by Taschen (which I own). Mann obviously seems very comfortable talking to Feeney, because Mann’s replies to often short questions are some of his most revealing to date. It […]

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Ali "running" shot

With scant new news on Michael Mann’s endeavours (wimper), I came across this fascinating website that uses one of my favourite tunes of the moment: Arcade Fires “We Used to Wait”. A website has been set up that has a fascinating use of HTML 5… it is full of brilliant surprises for the visually / […]

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A Michael Mann tribute challenge

On YouTube there are film shorts made as a tribute to the style of Michael Mann. And I am not referring to a montage of Mann made scenes. Personally shot films in the image of Michael Mann are often city slick night scenes, the noir feel for some reason being most associated with what Mann […]

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Phil Bloom & Michael Mann’s Luck

A day at the races: Canon 7D with Cooke PL primes from Philip Bloom on Vimeo. This blew my mind. Here I was, posting earlier a short by Phil Bloom, which shows the incredible capacity of a DSLR to shoot almost cinema grade imagery with such visual impact and I thought it had […]

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Michael Mann Entertainment Weekly Omission

I was somewhat taken aback not to see Michael Mann on Entertainment Weekly’s top 25 greatest working directors based on, “… the most talented, in-demand filmmakers behind the camera today.” Michael Mann didn’t feature anywhere. Incredulous. There are numerous other glaring omissions – see if you can spot your favourites missing.  I rather admire Ron […]

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