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American Cinematographer Magazine

You cannot be a Michael Mann fan without being a true appreciator of fine cinematography – a hallmark of every movie he has made. There are a number of American Cinematographer back issues you can purchase that feature interviews with top cinematographers, but I think the ones featuring Mann films are regretfully now out of […]

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Shooting Public Enemies

Emulating the period of the 1930’s was one of the major challenges facing Michael Mann and DP Dante Spinotti. Here is an excellent overview of many of the technical and aesthetic approaches Mann mixed together to produce Public Enemies. For any creative endeavour to be fully realized the mastery of technique has to be attained. […]

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Michael Mann again relies on LaserPacific for front-end and preview services.

Michael Mann has always been willing to use new technology during the production and post production of his movies. For his latest movie, Public Enemies, starring Johnny Depp and Christian Bale, Michael Mann and DP Dante Spinotti, ASC, tested various digital cameras before settling on Sony’s F-23. They were supported in this pre-production testing by […]

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