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This Michael Mann blog website is a resource for all Michael Mann movie aficionados. It originally started in 2008 as a random blog  that just spilled out from a passion for Mann’s emotive imagery, script and score. Over the years I have accrued information from across the web on an earlier web address, It was information that was thrown up there fast, because anything more involved would have been tough to maintain. It’s been embarrassing reading some of the things I have either written or just hastily formatted. But it’s there for you, now on a new, cleaner website platform, and that’s been my goal: to help you navigate the wonders of Mann’s work, and get underneath some of the meaning and context through some behind the scenes exploration. Pictures taken by extras, whilst frowned upon, does provide a thrill and I think enhances the excitement for big fans for the forthcoming release. I know producers hate “leaks” and I don’t pursue that. I try to make sound judgment. Usually it’s just vague. Many love the bonus features as much as the film. In our ordinary lives, we enjoy getting behind the curtain.

Michael Mann only makes a handful of movies. When I say “only”, this remains an extraordinary achievement. Nevertheless, he isn’t as prolific as some directors. Public Enemies was exciting in it’s build up due to its strong location work which meant there were excited extras posting images of themselves in period costumes. Then came Luck, with the amazing promise of Michael Mann’s vision covering hours and hours of our TV screens. I was devastated when it was unplugged, following a number of horses tragically dying on set. The details of that time are recorded on this blog. It scuppered the continuation of content for this site, though it must be said, the set of Luck was tightly locked down. Few images appeared. We were all robbed of this intense artistic collaboration of Mann and Milch.

Rumour upon rumour of what would be made next was partly made confusing because I don’t think even Michael Mann knew what film he wanted to make. Big Tuna, Go Like Hell, Robert Capa and other films, have all been on his plate of choosing. I even had someone send me a Go Like Hell script to review, which was later sent to Mann. What we didn’t predict was his new cyber crime with Chris Hemsworth.

I am an aficionado (a preferable word to the rather obsessive term, “fan”) who has been profoundly moved by every element of Michael’s movies. If he wanted the perfect audience, he would find it in the likes of me, and since you are reading this, probably you. His films are the reason I enjoy film. They are really the only films I truly love. It’s a connection. Those films plug into my psyche and emotions like no other. My favourite film? Hard one. It’s between Heat and The Insider. Both make me cry and go into some sort of zone. I love all Michael Mann’s work, which is why I have built this site.

This isn’t an official Michael Mann website, and was created for non-commercial purposes for all Michael Mann fans. The tiny Adsense revenue is there to fund the hosting of it. Do get in touch if you have a great Michael Mann story, or some behind the scenes images to share, or have experience being retired crew on older films. I always like to post new links on fresh information. Please send it to me for the benefit of everyone.

I hope you like this new site, revamped in June 2014. It’s simple but efficient and will serve the purpose. I hope to update as often as possible, but as the MM saying goes, “Time is luck”.

Enjoy. Cue Moby, “God Moving Over the Face of the Waters”….


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