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Blackhat: Wang LeeHom Exclusive Interview Blackhat: Chris Hemsworth Exclusive Interview Blackhat: Tang Wei Exclusive Interview Blackhat: Michael Mann Exclusive Interview Blackhat Featurette - Look Inside (2015) - Chris Hemsworth Action Thriller HD BLACKHAT - Cyber Hacking Featurette [HD]

Exclusive Blackhat Actor Interviews & Featurettes

Enjoy these excellent interviews with the main stars of Blackhat, as well as with a rather shattered looking Michael Mann. Who can blame him? His pre and post production of this movie has been on a huge scale, as has the marketing. Since the excitement and buzz from the US Premier, Blackhat marketing has been in overdrive and this self-employed blogger is trying to keep up with what is an enormous amount of Blackhat featurettes and interviews. It’s fantastic! Much of it is first released on Legendary’s and Blackhat’s Official Facebook pages, so check those places out. One of the most recent featurette’s shows the making of the Nuclear Power Station set.  Mann has really set his stall out on this movie, and Legendary and Universal have to be highly credited for an outstanding campaign to please all Michael Mann fans, as well as the many that don’t know him.

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