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Spencer Garrett talks about Blackhat

This is a transcript of a radio interview with Spencer Garrett, who is one of Michael Mann’s recent go-to actors. Blackhat get’s a decent mention together with some interesting insight into how he views this latest work of Mann’s compared to earlier films.


Garrett: We shot it in Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta, and Hong Kong and Shanghai… and I was over there for several months for part of that, with the great Viola Davis and Chris Hemsworth and I also think it’s going to be Michael’s best movie since The Insider, which is actually my favourite film of his. I was a huge Michael Mann fan before I got involved with him. Initially, my first project with him was Public Enemies with Johnny Depp, and we’ve had a great association with him since then – I did Luck with Dustin Hoffman, the horse racing series for HBO… and Blackhat is going to be a really, really amazing ride. It goes all over the globe. It’s kind of a cyber thriller about cyber terrorism. Chris Hemsworth plays this kind of computer genius and there’s a couple of wonderful asian actors – a guy called Wang Leehom, who I never heard of until I was in asia and met him. He is the Justin Timberlake and Brad Pitt combined, of asia. He’s an enormous superstar over in asia and it was wild to be walking down the streets of Kuala Lumpur, and seeing his giant face on Rolex ads and things over there, on big billboards. Huge Superstar. So this is going to be his American break out film – and you know, it’s got all the hallmarks of a classic Michael Mann film. It’s going to be a terrific ride.

Interviewer: “This is going to be a great one for me, because I can use the Chris Hemsworth card to get my wife to come to go with me.

Garrett: There you go!

Interviewer: I’m sold, I’m good.

Garrett: There you go, he’s a terrific actor. I really, really enjoy his work. He’s an amazing guy. We had a great experience together. And I was a huge, HUGE Viola Davis fan. And so that was a thrill to get to work with her. I’ve been a huge fan of hers, seeing her on stage many times and obviously seeing her in The Help. She’s just an amazing actor…. an American treasure. So, this is another one that has a little something for everybody and beautifully written script and I think it’s going to be Michael’s best film.



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