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Holt McCallany Blackhat Spot the Difference

One of the first images made public from Michael Mann’s Blackhat is of Holt McCallany and Chris Hemsworth sweeping a cargo hold area. A strange choice. Perhaps there is a smidgen of humour or irony in this? If you watch Holt McCallany in the cheesy but entertaining “The Losers”, we see his character in almost exactly the same vest in a cargo hold shoot out! For all we know, it may be even the same cargo hold area. It looks like poor Holt has been typecast,¬†forever trapped in movie cargo areas. To save you spotting the difference, you can see what I mean in the montage below.

Holt was never going to be able to make a serious character in “The Losers”. It was all tongue in cheek. I dare say Holt’s acting will move¬†a significant number of notches up with Mann on his case. It will be interesting to compare the two scenes, once we see “Holt – Cargo Area 2″… sorry, I mean, “Blackhat”.




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