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The Study of Mann Interview

Mann_TaschenMichael Mann has returned to the interview table for the Directors Guild of America with F.X Feeney, who originally interviewed Mann for his wonderful published book “Michael Mann” published by Taschen (which I own). Mann obviously seems very comfortable talking to Feeney, because Mann’s replies to often short questions are some of his most revealing to date. It is for this reason that this interview is a must read, with a wealth of new revelations about Mann’s methodology in film and his relationship with the actors and crew he works with.

We have been left very short of Michael Mann information of late, and this occasional Michael Mann blogger has been left dry of “Mann Water” for a long time. It is therefore a tease when he gives more uncertain clues as to what his next major movie project will be. I wonder if the conversation he has with F.X Feeney next week will be made public? Read the end of the interview to see what I am talking about!

Full interview here

In the meantime, I have now bought a new plasma, a Panasonic G30 42″ (THX calibration option) in readiness for Luck.

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