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Luck Pilot on VideoWeed

In my frustration in not being able to see Luck I found an alternative over at VideoWeed. Seems very naughty of the site and you have to endure interrupting adverts periodically. The quality is also poor, but good enough to watch full screen on a 15″ laptop at a distance – just. If you are desperate for a glimpse of Luck, then try this:

If they haven’t paid for it, then I am sure HBO will be closing it down fairly quickly.
I will post a review of Luck shortly (late now here in UK and all this late night blogging and tweeting is not good for the work that pays for my bread!). I would love to write it now, because Luck met all my expectations. I really loved it. I just connect with almost anything Mann does, and he brings the best out of the entire production. Superb dialogue by Milch, and extremely skilled changes of pace throughout. Very much reminded me of the construction of The Insider… lots of multiple conversations all interrelated and fascinating. I am deeply frustrated with the tepid, lazy reviews I have seen of the first pilot of Luck. It deserves much higher praise and examination. I found it stunning, from the quality of acting to the cinematography to the music. All the talk of poor audio seems nonsense to me – I found it perfectly legible. More on Luck later!

It does a disservice to the effort gone into the quality of Luck to watch it on VideoWeed, so if you can wait, I would… ┬ábut I couldn’t! Can’t wait to see it properly next February, on Sky Atlantic in the UK.

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