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Michael Rooker on Michael Mann’s L.A. Takedown & Heat

Michael Rooker

I noticed that an early role of yours was in the Michael Mann’s TV movie L.A. Take Down, which he later remade as Heat. I was curious what you though of Heat when you eventually saw it since its shockingly similar to the original?

Oh my God! You know that was a case where from the studio’s standpoint, they didn’t want any actors from the original. I was wondering why I wasn’t even able to see Michael. I couldn’t get an audition for Heat. And then I got the script and realized why. It was the same exact script, word for word, as the TV version. So, I was like, “OK I get it now. He doesn’t want anyone to know that it was a TV pilot and a failed one at that.” So I don’t blame him for trying to keep it under wraps. With the names that they had in the cast, I’m sure those guys didn’t know that it was a failed TV pilot when they decided to do it. But that’s not saying that it wasn’t good material. I would have loved to work with Michael again on that. Was it something I said? No, it was something I’d done. I was in the original. So nope, couldn’t do it.

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