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Public Enemies Trailer Now Online

At long, long last, the much anticipated trailer for Public Enemies by Michael Mann can now be seen at

Having seen the trailer, I have to say, it looks beautiful in colour and cinematic depth. The sheer scale of production is conveyed in the trailer, with some superb settings and switching of colour pallets. It is almost Heat and Collateral mixed together, with night and day intermingled through the trailer, each with blazing effect. There will be much written about this trailer, but don’t waste any more time reading this – go watch it!
My verdict: Looks superb. What else would you expect from Michael Mann? The trailer starts slow and ramps up more dramatically towards the end. I think I can see where the next cinematography oscar is going already! Johnny Depp looks convincing too.

2 Responses to Public Enemies Trailer Now Online

  1. Tristan Eldritch March 9, 2009 at 12:13 am #

    Hey. I think the trailer looks stunning as well. But its gonna be a really controversial look for a period film (check out the PE IMDB message board!) Mann is doing something really original with tbe thirties mob movie, but a lot of people just want it to look like the untouchables and road to perdition. Go figure!

  2. Paul March 10, 2009 at 7:10 am #

    Thanks Tristan for the comment. Mann has never been one to blindly follow convention. Mann wants to connect to the audience on an emotional level, and as you know, will use whatever modern methods to achieve this. I looked at IMDB and you have to take what people say with a pinch of salt. The Insider was too long and tedious for many, but it really is a masterclass of film making in my opinion. Many of those who review with negativity just don’t have the emotional intelligence to understand what underpins a film – goes without saying therefore that they just “don’t get it”. I haven’t seen the movie, so all judgment from me will have to wait until July! But it looks exciting. I did enjoy immensely the Road to Perdition, but this is clearly a movie Mann wants his audience to be more involved with.

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