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Lisa Gerrard

Lisa Gerrard interview with Michael Mann mention

Here is a recent interview with Lisa Gerrard, the powerful voice behind some of Michael Mann’s best known scores. Click here for full interview. After Dead Can Dance, what was it that drove you into composing for the moving image?  Brendan and I were working on an album, which followed “Spirit Chaser” and I had […]

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Lisa Gerrard – Sacrifice from The Insider

The most powerful track from Mann’s movie The Insider is that of Lisa Gerrard and Pieter Bourke’s Sacrifice. It is so incredibly moving, and I admit to it bringing tears to my eyes on many occasion whilst listening to it. It is used powerfully in The Insider. The beautiful and the tragic are two themes […]

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Lisa Gerrard Sanctuary featuring Michael Mann

Lisa Gerrard has long been a Michael Mann favourite for soundtrack composition. I haven’t myself seen it yet, but here is a trailer for a documentary made about Lisa Gerrard called, Sanctuary. It features various comments from artists including I believe Michael Mann. If you watch the YouTube clip of the trailer you will understand, […]

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