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Christian Bale and casting with Michael Mann

Christian Bale is a superb actor, one of those rare actors whose persona doesn’t squeel “celebrity” but rather “depth”. He delivers an authentic scene, rather than something manufactured – some A-list actors have it, others not. Tom Cruise, as brilliant actor as he is, can never quite dispel that celebrity face. I loved his ice […]

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Interviews with Michael Mann

CLIP 1: The Insider is a film which is full of special moments and incredibly complex in script and direction. Here is a fascinating interview – it is frustrating that the sound quality is so poor however. CLIP 2: This interview clip with Michael Mann, seemingly from French TV (but in English) goes back to […]

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Public Enemies

Public Enemies, to be released July 2009, is Michael Mann’s next movie. Shooting has finished and is in post production. See the informative overview from the Los Angeles Times of what this 1930’s gangster movie is going to partly be about. You can see Jonny Depp, cast as Dillinger, in Public Enemies camera action here. […]

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He is a Ferrari Mann – Ferrari California Advert

Following a number of superb adverts he has made, Michael Mann was recently asked by Ferrari to create an official movie for the all new model: The Ferrari California. The advert is typical of Mann’s style. The music is by Lisa Gerrard entitled Man on Fire from the soundtrack of the movie with the […]

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