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  • I live in Australia so I won’t be watching it before 26th of February. I hope it gets decent numbers overseas though, especially China.

    I think Mann made a bit of a blunder with Hemsworth from purely a box office point of view. This guy is not really a star in the way Cruise, Depp or Di Caprio is. Take Thor away and no one is really interested…[Read more]

  • The box office opening was quite poor.. My only concern is that it does not hamper the prospects of Mann’s future films.

  • FR replied to the topic Comanche in the forum Michael Mann Rumours 4 years, 2 months ago

    Mann has been talking about doing a historical for some time now…I think he wanted to visit the battle of Agincourt. I hope that project is not shelved. I understand that getting historicals made is extremely difficult in Hollywood today and Mann is not exactly Mr Box Office..but if he were to go back to that project, I think Eric Roth would be…[Read more]

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