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Michael Mann back in the TV Saddle

Some more information and interviews are coming to light for the forthcoming “Luck” TV series directed by Michael Mann. With it are revelations on future projects, which interestingly seems to point to a future set sci-fi genre movie! We will have to wait and see on that little number. In the meantime, enjoy the introduction […]

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Dustin Hoffman and Michael Mann

Catching up on the news, it is great to know that the pilot episode of Mann’s new TV incarnation “Luck” has already been filmed last spring and HBO have signed it up for more episodes. The Santa Anita racetrack is the heartbeat of the new series and will be transformed into what one can only […]

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On the set of "Luck"

There isn’t much to chew on when finding out about the forthcoming Michael Mann pilot, “Luck”, but this horse racing blog from the Santa Anita track in Los Angeles provides some personal insight. The pictures are worth a look. Let’s face it, if there isn’t a palm tree in a Michael Mann movie, then I […]

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Michael Mann 2010 Update

Here is a Michael Mann update for those of you (if there are any of you?!) who wondered where I have been (young family, work, bust computer… reality sigh). Since I have been away from blogging on my fond Michael Mann site there is much to show that Mann’s appetite for working has not waned […]

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