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HBO Luck to Premier December

Great news and a pre-Christmas treat! HBO will be premiering Michael Mann’s HBO Luck December 11 at 10.00pm ET/PT on HBO. This brings the show forward for airing by a month, as it was originally scheduled for release in January 2012. However, we will have to wait until January to see subsequent shows. HBO posted […]

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Tom Payne as Leon "Bug Boy" Micheaux in Michael Mann’s Luck

One of the extraordinary leaps into the now fashionable “Hollywood TV” has been made in quiet, yet blockbusting style, by British actor Tom Payne. Payne is playing the character Leon “Bug Boy” Micheaux in Michael Mann’s forthcoming “Luck” coming to our screens in January. I first came across Tom Payne on TV playing a handsome, […]

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David Milch & Michael Mann rumblings

The following article indicates all is not well behind the scenes of Luck. Milch has changed agents from CAA to ICM. Until this switch, Mann and Milch both shared the same agent under CAA. Any rift is pure speculation, with some hoping that Mann and Milch are not getting on with each other. Irrespective of […]

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Picking up some crumbs on the trail of Michael Mann’s HBO Luck

Finding crumbs about HBO’s Luck Feeding HBO’s Luck Crew: Slammin Sliders Food Vendors for Luck: Tim Clarke, 2nd AC, with cameras on set of Luck. HBO Scene Filmed at Central Women’s Jail Tim Clarke, 2nd AC on Luck You may have noticed unusual activity at the Central Women’s Jail on Monday.  There […]

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Phillip Noyce on Michael Mann’s Luck

Philip Noyce, one of the appointed directors on HBO’s Luck: Philip Noyce: Recently I did a HBO series with Michael Mann written by David Milch called Luck where we used the Alexa camera which is a real breakthrough. I can say after working with that that film unfortunately is dead, because you can do everything […]

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Phil Bloom & Michael Mann’s Luck

A day at the races: Canon 7D with Cooke PL primes from Philip Bloom on Vimeo. This blew my mind. Here I was, posting earlier a short by Phil Bloom, which shows the incredible capacity of a DSLR to shoot almost cinema grade imagery with such visual impact and I thought it had […]

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Film directors [Michael Mann] are embracing TV

A good article from one of my favourite sources, the LA Times – quality writing and information. Film directors are embracing TV Then a new HBO script, set in the world of horse racing and penned by David Milch (“Deadwood,” “NYPD Blue”), landed on Mann’s desk. “I really didn’t want to get back into television, […]

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Michael Mann’s HBO Luck Screening

Turns out there was an HBO screening of Michael Mann’s Luck yesterday in LA, looking to impress buyers of the show. See link to brief article. Some are calling it the new Sopranos. Anyone reading this go to the screening? Would love to hear your review right here.

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