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Michael Mann talks about The Insider

As part of the Loyola University “Hollywood Masters” interview, Michael Mann talks to The Hollywood Reporter’s executive features editor Stephen Galloway about what is considered one of his best film’s, The Insider. Mann also discusses in the same interview his newest film, Blackat – you can listen to that section by clicking here.

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Documentary of Key Scenes with Michael Mann and Actors

For as long as these videos are available online, you can treat yourself to some old but powerful Michael Mann interviews with some of our best loved Michael Mann scenes. This is wonderful footage, including actor interviews about the Tiger scene from Manhunter and that extraordinarily charged cliff scene in Last of the Mohicans. It […]

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Russell Crowe – The Insider

Russell Crowe is one of my favourite actors. His role in The Insider is in my opinion one of his finest performances, playing Dr Jeffery Wigand. The authenticity is outstanding in the character Crowe plays. When I say authenticity, I don’t just mean emulating the real person the character is based on. It is the […]

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Christopher Plummer Releases Autobiography

Christopher Plummer, who brilliantly played Mike Wallace in Michael Mann’s The Insider, has written his autobiography. I quote from the The Chicago Tribune below: Surveying his film career — Plummer has been in more than 100 movies, from Stage Struck in 1958 to The Last Station, due out this year, in which he plays Russian […]

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Lisa Gerrard – Sacrifice from The Insider

The most powerful track from Mann’s movie The Insider is that of Lisa Gerrard and Pieter Bourke’s Sacrifice. It is so incredibly moving, and I admit to it bringing tears to my eyes on many occasion whilst listening to it. It is used powerfully in The Insider. The beautiful and the tragic are two themes […]

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Michael Mann’s The Insider – Favourite scene

It is tough to pull out favourite scenes from any of Mann’s movies, as there are so many sublime moments. But the following ranks very highly: What an awesome bit of movie making this is. It is the apex of The Insider, when each character reaches the climax of their respective dilemmas and find a […]

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Lisa Gerrard Sanctuary featuring Michael Mann

Lisa Gerrard has long been a Michael Mann favourite for soundtrack composition. I haven’t myself seen it yet, but here is a trailer for a documentary made about Lisa Gerrard called, Sanctuary. It features various comments from artists including I believe Michael Mann. If you watch the YouTube clip of the trailer you will understand, […]

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