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It’s old news, but as part of my collection of all things Michael Mann, here is a brief media interview on Collateral. Director Michael Mann Interview | Movies & TV |

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Public Enemies Early Screen Review

The following quotes a guy who was fortunate enough to see a special preview of the latest Michael Mann movie, Public Enemies. It is rather critical of the movie, but it has to be seen in the context of a movie in development, and is just one person’s view. Here it is: By El Mayimbe […]

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Heat Weapon Auction

In my search for things Michael Mann related I came across this 2007 auction of some weapons used by Pacino and DeNiro on Heat. Click here. Great information for all those interested in the fascination Mann has with weapons used in his movies.

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Public Enemies links

Since there was more than usual location filming on Public Enemies there are plenty of behind the scenes pictures to enjoy! This has some of the best quality images on the set of Public Enemies that I have seen so far, including some superb shots of Michael Mann directing, up close and personal: Blog 1 […]

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Christian Bale and casting with Michael Mann

Christian Bale is a superb actor, one of those rare actors whose persona doesn’t squeel “celebrity” but rather “depth”. He delivers an authentic scene, rather than something manufactured – some A-list actors have it, others not. Tom Cruise, as brilliant actor as he is, can never quite dispel that celebrity face. I loved his ice […]

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Public Enemies

Public Enemies, to be released July 2009, is Michael Mann’s next movie. Shooting has finished and is in post production. See the informative overview from the Los Angeles Times of what this 1930’s gangster movie is going to partly be about. You can see Jonny Depp, cast as Dillinger, in Public Enemies camera action here. […]

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