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Dark Knight Influences

Argued by many to be the film of 2008, Dark Night, Directed by Christopher Nolan is said to be influenced in its making by Michael Mann’s Heat. Here is the director quoted by Variety. For Nolan’s urban-set comicbook blockbuster, the London-born director actually screened Mann’s L.A. crime drama for all his department heads before going […]

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Moby and Mann again

Following up on a recent post, here is another interviewer asking Moby about his music in Heat:Click here for the full article (no more mention of Mann though). RS: Very cool. Do you enjoy hearing your music in films?Moby: Yes, I do. I like hearing my music in films because when they’re mixing it to […]

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Michael Mann and Moby

The words Michael Mann and Moby almost have the same rythmic connection as their work. I first became aware of Moby’s music through the soundtrack of Heat. It doesn’t say a lot for my musical awareness, but it transformed my appreciation of his genre of sound. I have the same glowing feeling when hearing a […]

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Michael Mann’s Heat Trailer

Here is one of the better trailers I have found on the movie Heat. If you know of a better one then please let me know. I think it sums up the movie rather eloquently. However, Mann has admitted that promo trailers are his achilles heel, and for average “Joe Plumber”, I can see this […]

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Michael Mann "Heat" Interview

Click here for one of the best written interviews with Michael Mann on his 1995 film “Heat”. For me, the most interesting line out of this, which really highlights why I perhaps find his films so moving is the following observation: Interview, Dec, 1995 by Graham Fuller GF: Heat doesn’t take sides or moralize about […]

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Heat Weapon Auction

In my search for things Michael Mann related I came across this 2007 auction of some weapons used by Pacino and DeNiro on Heat. Click here. Great information for all those interested in the fascination Mann has with weapons used in his movies.

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