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Happy Birthday Michael Mann!

Michael Mann planning a robbery Happy Birthday Michael Mann! Born February 5th, 1943 in Chicago Illinois. Thank you for your gift of cinematic wonder, and we raise a toast to you. Incidentally, another great artist born in February, and a man of large influence on my life is Ansel Adams. Ansel was in some way […]

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The Conversations: Michael Mann

There is an awful lot of information out there about Michael Mann, and views on his films. Here are some ramblings covering most of Mann’s movies. I don’t agree with all they comment on, but there are some useful comments for those studying Mann. The screenshots are a good touch too. Here is the link. […]

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Michael Mann gives an autograph

I feel slightly trivial, again, posting this clip of Michael Mann signing his autograph for some waiting French fans who somehow got a tip he was in the building. It shows “Mr. Mann” in a positive light, briefly giving his time courteously to complete strangers, but is it me, or does he when looking into […]

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History of Michael Mann

Here is a page detailing the history of Michael Mann. Other obvious sites to explore are Wikipedia. Superior pics states that it was Stanley Kubrick’s film Dr. Strangelove that inspired Mann into film. However, the perhaps more reliable Taschen book, Michael Mann, states it was G.W. Pabsts 1925 masterpiece Joyless Street that left him awestruck. […]

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