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The Cinema of Michael Mann

The Cinema of Michael Mann is a series of comparative clips that editor Bill Rwehera has expertly put together to examine the shared themes of all Michael Mann’s movies. From helicopters and cars piercing through the night, money deals being negotiated, families being protected, violent nightclub scenes, graffiti symbolism all the way to those existential moments […]

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Michael Mann’s Ali and Lister fight

It’s interesting how boxing movies bring the “emotional” out of man. It is violent. Yet movies such as Rocky are packed with emotionally driven story lines. Enough to make a man weep. Boxing. As Mann describes the work of art, “Ali”, he explains this concept of defining struggle through the man, not the icon. Only […]

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The Conversations: Michael Mann

There is an awful lot of information out there about Michael Mann, and views on his films. Here are some ramblings covering most of Mann’s movies. I don’t agree with all they comment on, but there are some useful comments for those studying Mann. The screenshots are a good touch too. Here is the link. […]

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Zen Pulp: The World of Michael Mann

With the advent of Public Enemies, everyone has become Michael Mann focussed, which is great. Here is a link that is worth highlighting for particular attention, and features video and narration on what is a Mann retrospective of his work. The author Matt Zoller Seitz writes: This is the first in a five-part series of […]

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