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More Portland Public Enemies Screening News

Having looked around for more feedback on the Portland screening the more it is easy to be tempted to think that Public Enemies isn’t going to be as great as one hopes it is going to be. I have already posted one response to the screening and that was negative (and I don’t like getting […]

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Nike Leave Nothing Commercial

Here is a great commercial Michael Mann did for Nike some time ago, called Leave Nothing. It is very original and yet still expresses some of Michael Mann’s desire to render the inside nature of “life”, which in this case is sport. “American” football (I am British) is played in all weathers and this is […]

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Public Enemies Early Screen Review 2

Someone posted this on the IMDB forum recently (not sure if its authentic): Just saw a raw cut of Public Enemies in Portland, OR! Definately can’t afford to miss this on the big screen. Too bad I had to leave early, so I can’t tell anyone how it ends (and I wouldn’t either…buy the DVD). […]

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It’s old news, but as part of my collection of all things Michael Mann, here is a brief media interview on Collateral. Director Michael Mann Interview | Movies & TV |

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Public Enemies Early Screen Review

The following quotes a guy who was fortunate enough to see a special preview of the latest Michael Mann movie, Public Enemies. It is rather critical of the movie, but it has to be seen in the context of a movie in development, and is just one person’s view. Here it is: By El Mayimbe […]

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Heat Weapon Auction

In my search for things Michael Mann related I came across this 2007 auction of some weapons used by Pacino and DeNiro on Heat. Click here. Great information for all those interested in the fascination Mann has with weapons used in his movies.

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