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Manhunter website

Manhunter is probably my least favourite of Mann’s films, despite it being typically brilliant in style, acting and directing. I am not betraying Michael Mann in saying this – I thoroughly appreciate the usual nuance and visual complexity that is brought to this film. However, I always struggle with content that includes horrific abuse. It […]

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Michael Mann again relies on LaserPacific for front-end and preview services.

Michael Mann has always been willing to use new technology during the production and post production of his movies. For his latest movie, Public Enemies, starring Johnny Depp and Christian Bale, Michael Mann and DP Dante Spinotti, ASC, tested various digital cameras before settling on Sony’s F-23. They were supported in this pre-production testing by […]

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Mann Rescues Fainting Actor

Great to read some anecdotes about Michael Mann (hmmm, in posting all things about Michael Mann, one starts to become obsessive about these details). Here is a positive story relating Mann’s softer side on the set of Public Enemies ; -). See below, but if you want it in full click here: Finally, in full […]

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Being an Extra on Public Enemies

There are so many reports from the making of Public Enemies, mainly due to the fanatical interest there is in the enigmatic personality of Johnny Depp. I think one of the best Public Enemies behind the scenes coverage comes from Rod Melotte’s experience on set and his daily blog depicting his adventure(includes exclusive pictures). Click […]

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Michael Mann Fan Tribute

It’s not only me who appreciates the work of Michael Mann. This is a helpful myspace webpage featuring lots of photos, film posters and writings about our favourite director…. you also get to hear streamed music of the Promenatory Kiss from The Last of the Mohicans :-). Worth a visit just for that, if you […]

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Slightly more positive Portland screening review

I wanted some positive Portland screening reviews of Public Enemies, and here are two I found (if still in places slightly negative!): Hey Cool Crew… I had an opportunity tonight to catch a test screening of Michael Mann’s Public Enemies.This was in Portland, OR at the same theater that held the Watchmen test screening […]

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Michael Mann "Heat" Interview

Click here for one of the best written interviews with Michael Mann on his 1995 film “Heat”. For me, the most interesting line out of this, which really highlights why I perhaps find his films so moving is the following observation: Interview, Dec, 1995 by Graham Fuller GF: Heat doesn’t take sides or moralize about […]

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