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New! Michael Mann Forum

I am delighted to have now added a Michael Mann forum to the website which is open for use. My original goal of this website was to collate all things related to Michael Mann in one place of reference for everyone’s benefit. I am basically giving a little something back, for the joy Mann’s films have given me. With so much information spread across the net, it can be frustrating trying to find it, with some resources just hard to find. There are some Michael Mann Facebook pages out there, and this has a powerful use. But if trying to study his work and get easy access through organised content to find specific information, Facebook isn’t so helpful. IMDB is great for technical resources and top reviews. Crew information, posters and release information is all on there. But where steps in, is to pull together all the little bits of information out in the internet wild – and this is where the forum comes in. It would be great if you could join me in collating even more bits of information on the web about Michael Mann’s work and post it on the forum and enjoy discussing it. Some reference information is so very ‘bitty’ that it doesn’t justify a blog post, but I would still love to categorise it and store it on our forum boards for others to future reference. So tag your posts.

Register for the site right now, read the rules, and I look forward to seeing Michael Mann related material that I haven’t see before, or just talk about it – I am sure we have film students that visit this site, and would appreciate some of the fascinating philosophical discussions that Michael Mann films generate. If there is a forum section I haven’t added, message me, and I will look at it.

As I mentioned elsewhere, I am not a web expert. So, please bear with me if things go south with the forum build. There are still a few issues I have to resolve, but hopefully those will largely go unnoticed. It’s only when there are a decent number of posters using it regularly that the cracks may show. But for now, I will remain optimistic it will work for you guys!

It took a good number of hours to create this. I know how hard it is to get activity on any new forum. It’s going to be down to you, to help me get it off the ground. Tell all your Michael Mann enthusiast friends to sign up. Can’t do it without you.


P.s. I have a new Captcha tool on the registration page. So far, it has kept spammers at bay. If you have trouble with it, let me know. Thanks.


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