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Michael Mann’s Blackhat on location (spoiler potential)

Michael Mann Production NoticeAfter a trawl though the cyber wilderness that is the internet, there is surprisingly little to give away Michael Mann’s shooting of Blackhat. There are a few morsels to chew on, for those hungry to get some glimpses of how this film will eventually look. There is a low risk spoiler alert with this post. There is a gun fight scene in Hong Kong with the same authentic feel and gun clatter to the much eulogised scene in Heat, though it appears to be on a far smaller scale – of all the locations in Hong Kong, this particular scene is set next to a rather grey and mundane looking building block and there are just a few cones to cordon off  a corner of this location set. That said, the scene may have extended further up the street, but it looks unlikely. It’s a strange location to pick – on first look it appears to have little aesthetic value. But hey, it’s Michael Mann. Authenticity is as important. There appears to be a lot of night shooting on Cyber. Perhaps because Blackhat is all about the hunted being hidden, cloaked, in the shadows and hard to find – just as they are, inside our computers. Not unlike finding behind-the-scenes video footage of Blackhat.



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