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Holt McCallany Blackhat Spot the Difference

One of the first images made public from Michael Mann’s Blackhat is of Holt McCallany and Chris Hemsworth sweeping a cargo hold area. A strange choice. Perhaps there is a smidgen of humour or irony in this? If you watch Holt McCallany in the cheesy but entertaining “The Losers”, we see his character in almost exactly the same vest in a cargo hold shoot out! For all we know, it may be even the same cargo hold area. It looks like poor Holt has been typecast, forever trapped in movie cargo areas. To save you spotting the difference, you can see what I mean in the montage below.

Holt was never going to be able to make a serious character in “The Losers”. It was all tongue in cheek. I dare say Holt’s acting will move a significant number of notches up with Mann on his case. It will be interesting to compare the two scenes, once we see “Holt – Cargo Area 2″… sorry, I mean, “Blackhat”.




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