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Michael Mann interview about the now late HBO Luck

For those who know Michael Mann’s films, you will know that he uses the term “Time is Luck”, quite often. It relates so vividly to this situation. Did you know that this term probably relates to a Biblical verse in Ecclesiastes 9:11. Read that verse, and you can directly apply that to what happened on the now unfortunately named “Luck”.

Despite the horribly disappointing end to the making of Luck, I am ready for more Michael Mann material. The truth is, the end of Luck was a devastating blow to all involved in the project, and it was further marred by ill reported stories that I had no appetite to blog. This was supposed to be Mann’s nine hour movie – to use the amazing opportunity such time presents to the storytelling creative director/producer. We all feel robbed of that same rush of enthusiasm to see and experience that happen. It is therefore poignant to post an excellent interview to be seen in full between Michael Mann and Tavis Smiley about the making and development of Luck. I may have even posted it before. But here it is, to help me move on to what is the next “thing”. In the interview Mann says more than once how “careful” they are with the horses.

Going back to the interview, here it is below. Asked what movies he is likely to work on he mentions Agincourt, but adds a new story to his already large list in waiting: The Tam. He refers to Alex Sage, writing a story in Indonesia on the South China Sea.

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