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Michael Mann shooting difficult boat scene

Always great to find something new. I found this amazing YouTube clip of the Miami Vice film crew shooting the racing boat scenes that were supposed to feature at the start of the movie. I have only ever seen the original movie version and have only Standard Def DVD, so never saw the spoken of racing scene that Universal forced Mann to cut from the final edit to shorten the movie. Looking at this spectacular footage it was madness to cut it. Some shots are just stunning. Was this footage included on new bonus features for the BluRay edition?

You have Dion Beebe rigging up the cameras in the hull of the boat, and Michael Mann behind the cameras as they shoot that famous crane shot as the camera surfaces from beneath the bubbling water to reveal the boats speeding past. Great footage! Enjoy.

Also, I have never seen this featurette before… is this a BluRay edition? This is notable for watching Michael Mann location scout a guys house with a, errr, rather interesting “bed”. I just think its great seeing Michael passionately looking at every detail with his DSLR. Us photographers are all the same… running around like rabbits finding aesthetic details under every rock!

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