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Michael Mann’s Q&A session from Egyptian theatre recorded on video

I was delighted to find some comments left both on this site and the Michael Mann social site from those who actually went to the Egyptian theatre screening celebrating 25 years of Michael Mann’s Manhunter. Those lucky fans, journalists or whoever they are, were fortunate enough to meet Michael Mann and some had their Heat DVD’s signed by him – now that is what I call KUDOS. One of these awesome Mann Fans managed to remarkably capture on video the pre-announced question and answer session at the end. Double Kudos to Fabricio Vai for posting it! I embed the video he provided below. The sound is underwater like in places, but you can still hear what he is saying. Visit the site for his brief account of the event. Go visit the MM social site too. Thanks guys for telling us about it! Did anyone take some pictures of him or your signed stuff that we can see? Go and post them over at

Love hearing from you all. Share it with all us Mann Fans friends.

Michael Mann at the Egyptian Theater. Q&A after 25th anniversary screening of Manhunter from Fabricio Vai on Vimeo.

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