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Russell Crowe – The Insider

Russell Crowe is one of my favourite actors. His role in The Insider is in my opinion one of his finest performances, playing Dr Jeffery Wigand. The authenticity is outstanding in the character Crowe plays. When I say authenticity, I don’t just mean emulating the real person the character is based on. It is the “truth” displayed in the character’s emotional journey that is so extraordinary in Crowe’s performance.

Here is what Michael Mann say’s about Crowe:

“No training, no prior training, no theatricality is going to take you through this moment if you’re an actor. You build it in yourself and you go through it. If he does it, the camera will see it. If he doesn’t, it won’t. Now, you go back and look at the moment and you know what’s going on with this guy. And there are no tears, no bullshit, no burlesque. And then he gets up and he just walks away. That’s the quintessence of Russell Crowe.” – director Michael Mann explaining Crowe’s technical work on “The Insider,” in particular, the scene where Crowe is told his interview will not air on “60 Minutes.” – Michael Mann

If you want to read some of Crowe’s and Michael Mann’s comments about The Insider, and reviews about the performance of Russel Crowe in it, then the following is a great webpage of information:

You can read about the real Jeffrey Wigand here where he talks about the production of The Insider.

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