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Dustin Hoffman Sky Atlantic TV advert

A Sky TV salesman came to my door last night. He wanted me to sign up for Sky TV. I said I might be interested for the sole reason that they will be airing Sky Atlantic HD. “Oh why? What do you want to watch?” I replied, “Luck, directed by Michael Mann.” Looking nonplussed and tilting his head slightly, he asked, “who is in it?” With raised eyebrows and a smile I told him the best TV news of 2011, “Dustin Hoffman.” With immediate recognition he let out an “Oooooooo … So that’s why Dustin Hoffman is on the new Sky Atlantic TV advert?”. I nod. “So, you want to sign up for Sky sir?” I pause, and then sigh. “Not today … I can’t afford a HD flat screen TV yet. I still only have my 21″ box from the the 20th Century.” With that, he turned his heel and left. But he left me wondering… “what more motivation do I need to spend my children’s education on a new TV?!”

Here is hoping for a blessed 2011. I really want a flat screen HD TV and a Sky subscription… in time for Luck.

If you haven’t seen it already (and who hasn’t?), here it is. despite the slightly cliche dialogue, I think it is beautifully spoken by Hoffman, and beautifully shot. I love New York and what a stunning use of camera. Sheesh, they really had to know the suns position and time for that one. Music by Cinematic Orchestra, To Build a Home.

Read more about Sky’s deal with HBO here.

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