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AT&T Michael Mann Blackberry advert

Michael Mann directed AT&T and Blackberry advert

Being behind in the UK, I came to this late. I remember watching the TV adverts only a week or so ago and doing something else, only to be suddenly arrested to the screen in what was a very Mannesque run of complex night visuals and high tech drama. It was the new AT&T Blackberry advert. I said to myself, “looks a rip off from Mann’s visual repertoire, and his ‘Lucky Mercedes’ advert.” Little did I know that it WAS a Michael Mann directed advert – how did I not know that was coming? Anyway, here is a little info I have pulled together about it, if you are interested. I am amazed that adverts can attract the level of talent they seem to be these days, but glad they do.

Here is the advert:

Levi Meeuwenberg, a leading ‘free runner’ was in the advert. He says the following at SkyNative, his own freerunner social site:

I recently appeared in a commercial for ATT’s Blackberry Bold 9700. It was shot and directed by Michael Mann here in Los Angeles. I’m the guy with the blackberry being chased. Originally they wanted the guy to do some parkour moves but I only got to do one really basic move (tictac 270-cat), and they cut it out anyways. Hah. Comment if you see it on TV!

The following is taken fromĀ

BBDO, AT&T and BlackBerry have just released a new interactive advertisement directed by Michael Mann (Public Enemies, Heat, The Insider) that ties a broadcast TV spot (a 24-style action-thriller) with a your Facebook account information to insert you into the story. The television broadcast version of the advertisement is a bit shorter, and keeps the identity of the central character a mystery. In the online version, your photo, key information, and even your friends are inserted into the action.

Also of note, Roberto Schaefer (Quantum of Solace, The Kite Runner, Stranger Than Fiction) was the director of photography on the spot, which was edited by the two-time Academy Award-nominated Saar Klein (Almost Famous, The Bourne Identity, The Thin Red Line).

Go to to watch/be in the spot now.

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