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Coyotes really do cross roads in LA

We all know and love the iconic moment in Collateral when a coyote crosses the road in the empty night streets of LA. Like many, I was taken aback that this actually happens. I am not sure why I am surprised when we have so many foxes in the UK taking residence in our cities and towns. Nevertheless, here is one post from an LA resident and Mann fan who had the same experience:

On my way to Ralph’s with my Great Depression II budget in hand, I spot a house on my block (of rather nice California cottage houses) that has been abandoned. I get out and see a sign on the door — the people just walked. All of their belongings have been hastily shoved into a dumpster. A jet fighter screeches overhead from Edwards Air Force Base in the dark night and I think, “wow, something totally horrible has happened to this America.” In my mind, today feels like the day the American Dream landed with a kaput thud and came to a screeching halt. I remember my grandmother (the original bluestocking), savvy, smart, loved by everyone, telling me the story of the first Great Depression when she was a footloose and fancy free independent woman in the ’30’s with a good job (a school teacher) and how she’d never forget the day she ran to the bank to deposit her paycheck and the bank was closing… and they literally opened the heavy doors for her and let her go inside and took her check… and she thought they were being sooo nice, but the thing is — she never saw that check again. It was straight outta a Capra movie. The bank closed and took everyone’s money. This is how I learned to never trust bankers.

With an eerie heart, I drove on to Ralph’s only to discover the entire street was black — lights knocked out, no electricity. Ralph’s sat there unwelcoming, unfriendly, and completely dark. A cop car with headlights blaring and siren spinning stood in for a traffic light and on the way home… I slammed on the brakes as my headlights picked up two pair of eyes — and straight out of a Michael Mann movie — a coyote crossed my path.

Is it a full moon or what?

times they are a changin’ my friend they are a changing’

Read the post at his blog here

Here is a video clip with Mann and Cruise sharing their perspective on the inclusion of this scene in the movie. It is taken from Collateral’s bonus features, so you probably already saw it.

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