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Mann loves his Shower Scenes

I couldn’t help but laugh when I read this particular blog, noticing that Michael Mann seems to have a thing for “shower scenes”. This blogger picks up on a nuance of understanding in Mann’s movies that until now, eluded me. I now feel enlightened. His post is called April Showers: Miami Vice.

In between Michael Mann (Public Enemies) movies I always forget that I really like his work. If you could reach into one of his movies you would be able to feel something… a cold surface maybe, vibrations from a loud noise or a drop of sweat hitting you. He has a real gift for atmosphere and texture. And apparently he has a thing for sex in the shower since two of Miami Vice‘s three big sexual scenes take place there.

The first shower scene is basically relationship detail. The music is soothing and we’re just observing the easy intimacy of co-workers/lovers Naomi Harris‘s Trudy and Jamie Foxx‘s Tubbs.

Ok, ok, before you get too hot under the collar, read the rest over at this blog! >>

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