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Tristan’s Thief

It was a pleasure recently to read a new post by Tristan, a “follower” of this blog (using the term “follow” in the loosest of terms), in his blog Kirby Dots. It features an intelligent appraisel of Mann’s film Thief, that brings an interest in the roots of film noir, it’s french origins and influence on Mann. Michael Mann was of course in Paris a short time, involved with documentary film making. It would be a stretch though to see this as having any particular influence. Such influences come from a far deeper place.

There is much to Tristan’s insightful study of Thief, and yet such examinations yield more questions. Tristan mentions towards the end the heroic, yet tragic nature of Mann’s protaganists. Anti-heroes if you will. I think of The Insider, and how both characters gain something, but at the same time lose something.

Read Tristan’s blog for youself, and enjoy his panache, using vocabulary such as Peckinpahesque, Mephistophelian and simulacra. Good stuff! (a term to stretch my own level of expository!). I look forward Tristan to future posts.

You can see Tristan’s blog repeated on, where there are some useful pieces of information fed by those leaving comments.

See a classic clip from Thief below:


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