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Since there was more than usual location filming on Public Enemies there are plenty of behind the scenes pictures to enjoy!

This has some of the best quality images on the set of Public Enemies that I have seen so far, including some superb shots of Michael Mann directing, up close and personal:
Blog 1
Blog 2

Also, see this blog from another guy.

And click here to see a blog by a lady who is keen to get more than a glimpse of Mann’s Public Enemies protagonist, John Dillinger, aka Johnny Depp. It is the Depp fans racing to the filming locations that give us these behind the scenes views.

These blog entries show the incredible lengths the director wants to go to achieve total authenticity for the film. It is little wonder these movies cost tens if not hundreds of millions to make.

Since filming started in March 2008 and finished in July there is no further developmental news on Public Enemies, but as I discover more websites featuring behind the scenes pictures I will post them here. We look forward to and wait for the teaser trailer to the movie, from which we should be able to an extent discern, even in a snippet, whether Depp and Bale convey their characters convincingly. Mann has always found the editing of a trailer one of his weak points, condensing a two hour movie into a 30 second advertisement. He confessed this with some perplexion when trying to best present the trailer for Miami Vice. This was a movie that was difficult to summarize in a very short time without coming across mediocre and conventional. I can’t recall where I read that interview, but will post it if refound. It was unusual to hear Michael Mann acknowledge he had a weakness in the production process!

Click here to see an earlier entry I made about Public Enemies behind the scenes footage.

Finally, here is Michael Mann showing his affectionate, respectful side with his actors, this time with Johnny Depp.

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