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Exclusive Blackhat Actor Interviews & Featurettes

Enjoy these excellent interviews with the main stars of Blackhat, as well as with a rather shattered looking Michael Mann. Who can blame him? His pre and post production of this movie has been on a huge scale, as has the marketing. Since the excitement and buzz from the US Premier, Blackhat marketing has been in overdrive […]

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Michael Mann Blackhat Featurette

It’s very unusual for Michael Mann to release a featurette prior to a film’s release, and Blackhat has probably had the most pre-marketing of any film I can remember of his, including the highly anticipated Miami Vice some years ago. With little film competition out there, I anticipate it doing really well. The ladies will […]

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Michael Mann Blackhat Trailer 2

Blackhat Trailer #2 – The knickerbocker glory of all Mann films

*UPDATE: Now on YouTube Michael Mann’s Blackhat trailer #2 is now out for a premier playing, exclusively on Yahoo Movies . You can catch it today on this link, together with a short but insightful q&a with Chris Hemsworth: This trailer is a vast improvement on the original, emphasising the enormous energy and rush (no Hemsworth […]

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The Baddie of Blackhat?

Several actors on IMDB’s cast listing under Michael Mann’s Blackhat don’t have a character name assigned to them. One is Yorick Van Wageningen, a dutch actor known for his roles in The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo, The Chronicles of Riddick and The New World. He has a brooding character that is effectively manipulated into malice – perfect for his role as the […]

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