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Michael Mann talks in detail about Blackhat

UPDATE 1: I found this video late UK time, and was on YouTube at the time of posting. By morning it was since mysteriously removed. I am hoping it was just removed for the sake of the terrible audio that didn’t match the well lit stage. I will let you know if it appears again. Sorry […]

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A younger Michael Mann talks about his early work

My fellow Michael Mann enthusiast, Fabio Pirovano, posted in 2013 this behind the scenes look at the making of the Keep (well done, Fabio!). but Mann also talks about his other works to that date. It offers fascinating insight into Mann’s directing style with his actors – something that these days he just would not put […]

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A brief introduction to the TV show “Witness”

This is from 2012, for those interested in what motivated Michael Mann to get involved in producing the TV series, Witness. Michael Mann’s film “Witness: Libya” premiered at the 69th annual Venice Film Festival – showing audiences a post-Gaddafi Libya through the eyes of war photographers. Man Says: I am fascinated with the unique way […]

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The moment Michael Mann knew his life call

I saw this video some years ago, and it was taken in 2011 when Mann was introducing a showing of Public Enemies to Cinémathèque Française in the then advanced digital cinema package format. What is distinctive about this clip is Mann’s genuine sense of humility and achievement to be sharing the stage with such long […]

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Why HBO’s Luck was Cancelled

The cancellation of Luck is old news, but I thought for the sake of future reference I would add some pertinent links to interviews and comments outlining some of the reasons why the show was cancelled – which is primarily because a third horse died on location. This is Michael Mann’s and David Milch’s interview on the […]

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New! Michael Mann Forum

I am delighted to have now added a Michael Mann forum to the website which is open for use. My original goal of this website was to collate all things related to Michael Mann in one place of reference for everyone’s benefit. I am basically giving a little something back, for the joy Mann’s films […]

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Michael Mann “Hollywood Masters” Live Interview

Michael Mann will be interviewed live on September 17th, exclusively screened on, in a return of the “Hollywood Masters” show presented by the Loyola Marymount University School of Film and Television. Only LMU students will be allowed to the live event in person. The show will be moderated by The Hollywood Reporter’s executive features […]

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Spencer Garrett and Michael Mann

Spencer Garrett talks about Blackhat

This is a transcript of a radio interview with Spencer Garrett, who is one of Michael Mann’s recent go-to actors. Blackhat get’s a decent mention together with some interesting insight into how he views this latest work of Mann’s compared to earlier films. Source: Garrett: We shot it in Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta, and […]

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Chris Hemsworth and Michael Mann

Blackhat Trailer Details from Comic Con

Details about Michael Mann’s Blackhat trailer shown at Comic Con are scant, but here is some useful feedback. The trailer is vintage Michael Mann, reminiscent of a more color-rich Collateral, and a globe-hopping thriller. Pretty but also somehow grainy. It starts with a bunch of tech imagery; voiceover intones “this is not about money […]

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Viola Davis talks about Blackhat

In an interview with Collider, Viola Davis spoke about working with Michael Mann on what was only known then as “Cyber”. It gives yet another insight into what it’s like to be an actor on one of Mann’s films – it echoes similar experiences other actors share when conforming to the rigours of Mann’s legendary scene by scene […]

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