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Exclusive Blackhat Actor Interviews & Featurettes

Enjoy these excellent interviews with the main stars of Blackhat, as well as with a rather shattered looking Michael Mann. Who can blame him? His pre and post production of this movie has been on a huge scale, as has the marketing. Since the excitement and buzz from the US Premier, Blackhat marketing has been in overdrive […]

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Michael Mann Blackhat Featurette

It’s very unusual for Michael Mann to release a featurette prior to a film’s release, and Blackhat has probably had the most pre-marketing of any film I can remember of his, including the highly anticipated Miami Vice some years ago. With little film competition out there, I anticipate it doing really well. The ladies will […]

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Michael Mann Blackhat Trailer 2

Blackhat Trailer #2 – The knickerbocker glory of all Mann films

*UPDATE: Now on YouTube Michael Mann’s Blackhat trailer #2 is now out for a premier playing, exclusively on Yahoo Movies . You can catch it today on this link, together with a short but insightful q&a with Chris Hemsworth: This trailer is a vast improvement on the original, emphasising the enormous energy and rush (no Hemsworth […]

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TV Trailer for Blackhat

A new, shortened trailer for Michael Mann’s Blackhat has just been released via Blackhat’s Facebook page, which appears to be made for TV. It is essentially a shortened version of the existing official trailer, but with some new images added to help the shorter version make sense. It seems unlikely now that we will get […]

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Blackhat Poster

Blackhat Poster Revealed

The new Blackhat poster was revealed on Wire and it looks great… the imagery sums up the visual cohesiveness that many miss in Mann’s films. But I do worry that this poster isn’t up to standard in terms of evoking a commercial response! Some shootouts artwork would do the trick – not Mann’s priority, but hey, […]

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The Baddie of Blackhat?

Several actors on IMDB’s cast listing under Michael Mann’s Blackhat don’t have a character name assigned to them. One is Yorick Van Wageningen, a dutch actor known for his roles in The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo, The Chronicles of Riddick and The New World. He has a brooding character that is effectively manipulated into malice – perfect for his role as the […]

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Dante Spinotti interview about filming Manhunter

A fascinating and recent interview with Dante Spinotti, famed for his cinematography and collaboration with Michael Mann. This interview, just 10 minutes long, gives some extremely important insights into how the two men worked closely together to produce not just a stylised look associated with Mann, but a web of visual structure and clues that are forensically […]

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The Cinema of Michael Mann

Courtesy of Bill Ruehera, this is a superbly edited piece of work that in the words of Bill, is a “Video essay exploring the aesthetic, narrative and thematic patterns in Michael Mann’s filmography.” It’s an absolutely must see work that helps every Mann fan put their finger on many of the similar themes Mann introduces […]

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