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    Blackhat Poster Revealed

    The new Blackhat poster was revealed on Wire and it looks great… the imagery sums up ...

Dante Spinotti interview about filming Manhunter

A fascinating and recent interview with Dante Spinotti, famed for his cinematography and collaboration with Michael Mann. This interview, just 10 minutes long, gives some extremely important insights into how the two men worked closely together to produce not just a stylised look associated with Mann, but a web of visual structure and clues that are forensically […]

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The Cinema of Michael Mann

Courtesy of Bill Ruehera, this is a superbly edited piece of work that in the words of Bill, is a “Video essay exploring the aesthetic, narrative and thematic patterns in Michael Mann’s filmography.” It’s an absolutely must see work that helps every Mann fan put their finger on many of the similar themes Mann introduces […]

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Blackhat Behind the Scenes

Here are two further behind the scenes of Blackhat, for those who just have to know more! The second link goes to a video that displays an interesting, surprisingly minimalist use of lighting of a scene, if you follow the link below – it features Wei Tang  and Hemsworth. I would love to see specific […]

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Michael Mann talks about The Insider

As part of the Loyola University “Hollywood Masters” interview, Michael Mann talks to The Hollywood Reporter’s executive features editor Stephen Galloway about what is considered one of his best film’s, The Insider. Mann also discusses in the same interview his newest film, Blackat – you can listen to that section by clicking here.

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Michael Mann pulled out of “Gold”

Before Blackhat was announced, there were wide rumours over what movie Michael Mann would be making next. One film in the mix was called “Gold”, a screenplay by Patrick Massett and John Zinman. Under their production company Hwy 61 Paul Haggis and Michael Nozik, showed it to Mann. It turns out that Mann initially signed […]

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Blackhat Official Trailer

Michael Mann’s Blackhat official trailer has finally been released, and what a landscape it covers! The film looks to be a feast for the eyes, and the Asian locations will clearly add completely new textures and forms to this next Mann outing. Beautiful abstract compositions, The Insider style dialogue, Heat gun battles and Collateral cat and […]

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Harry Gregson Williams

Michael Mann’s Blackhat musical score

Michael Mann’s Blackhat will be largely scored by renowned cinema composer Harry Gregson-Willams, famous for creating memorable music for “Man on Fire,” “The Replacement Killers,” “The Taking of Pelham One Two Three,” “Unstoppable,” and “Déjà Vu”. He has also done family classics such as “Antz,” “Shrek,” “The Tigger Movie,” “Arthur Christmas,” the “Narnia” movies, “Spy […]

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Michael Mann talks in detail about Blackhat

22nd Sept: You can now find the full transcript of this video over at Hollywood Reporter. UPDATE 1: I found this video late UK time, and was on YouTube at the time of posting. By morning it was since mysteriously removed. I am hoping it was just removed for the sake of the terrible audio that […]

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A younger Michael Mann talks about his early work

My fellow Michael Mann enthusiast, Fabio Pirovano, posted in 2013 this behind the scenes look at the making of the Keep (well done, Fabio!). but Mann also talks about his other works to that date. It offers fascinating insight into Mann’s directing style with his actors – something that these days he just would not put […]

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A brief introduction to the TV show “Witness”

This is from 2012, for those interested in what motivated Michael Mann to get involved in producing the TV series, Witness. Michael Mann’s film “Witness: Libya” premiered at the 69th annual Venice Film Festival – showing audiences a post-Gaddafi Libya through the eyes of war photographers. Man Says: I am fascinated with the unique way […]

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