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Spencer Garrett and Michael Mann

Spencer Garrett talks about Blackhat

This is a transcript of a radio interview with Spencer Garrett, who is one of Michael Mann’s recent go-to actors. Blackhat get’s a decent mention together with some interesting insight into how he views this latest work of Mann’s compared to earlier films. Source: Garrett: We shot it in Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta, and […]

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Chris Hemsworth and Michael Mann

Blackhat Trailer Details from Comic Con

Details about Michael Mann’s Blackhat trailer shown at Comic Con are scant, but here is some useful feedback. The trailer is vintage Michael Mann, reminiscent of a more color-rich Collateral, and a globe-hopping thriller. Pretty but also somehow grainy. It starts with a bunch of tech imagery; voiceover intones “this is not about money […]

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Viola Davis talks about Blackhat

In an interview with Collider, Viola Davis spoke about working with Michael Mann on what was only known then as “Cyber”. It gives yet another insight into what it’s like to be an actor on one of Mann’s films – it echoes similar experiences other actors share when conforming to the rigours of Mann’s legendary scene by scene […]

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Michael Mann Production Notice

Michael Mann’s Blackhat on location (spoiler potential)

After a trawl though the cyber wilderness that is the internet, there is surprisingly little to give away Michael Mann’s shooting of Blackhat. There are a few morsels to chew on, for those hungry to get some glimpses of how this film will eventually look. There is a low risk spoiler alert with this post. There […]

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Holt McCallany Blackhat Spot the Difference

One of the first images made public from Michael Mann’s Blackhat is of Holt McCallany and Chris Hemsworth sweeping a cargo hold area. A strange choice. Perhaps there is a smidgen of humour or irony in this? If you watch Holt McCallany in the cheesy but entertaining “The Losers”, we see his character in almost […]

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Thief by Michael Mann

Interviews with Michael Mann about 4K Thief

When Michael Mann restored Thief into stunning 4K for its opening showing at the Aero Theater in Santa Monica, Mann made a number of interviews shedding ever deeper light onto the roots of his filmmaking. Respecting the fact that these articles belong to someone else, I am just posting the links. The first is a Q&A […]

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Michael Mann's Cyber, Black Hat

Michael Mann’s Cyber / Black Hat

Cyber is the tentative title for Michael Mann’s next directorial outing due for release on January 16, 2015 in the USA and February 20, 2015 in the UK, with other possible alternative titles such as Black Hat being bantered about (Black Hat was tweeted by Holt McCannally). It is being produced by Legendary Pictures. Legendary […]

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Michael Mann’s “Witness”

Earlier, this blog shared news of the forthcoming HBO documentary to be produced by Michael Mann: Witness. It has now already screened in the US, and the first showing appeared in the UK on Sky Atlantic, 29 June. The first episode is just 30 minutes long, but is a unique and highly aesthetic piece of […]

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The Cinema of Michael Mann

The Cinema of Michael Mann is a series of comparative clips that editor Bill Rwehera has expertly put together to examine the shared themes of all Michael Mann’s movies. From helicopters and cars piercing through the night, money deals being negotiated, families being protected, violent nightclub scenes, graffiti symbolism all the way to those existential moments […]

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Michael Mann Ferrari Test Drive

Michael Mann behind the Wheel

Michael Mann is well known for his love of the red cars with a prancing horse. Here is a video with the American director visiting the Ferrari Works and driving the F12 Berlinetta on the track in Fiorano.

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